We have already developer the new systém how the control the telescopic tribune – by Laser Control. After years of developmnet has been able to offer the precise controle systém (how to close and open the tribune) without hte minor deviations.

The control of the tribune is much more easier for the operator.

The tribune is possible to control forward and backward.

Depending on the program and distance of the laser sensors from the measured area is automatically corrected the left and right directiong duet the changesin the speed of the right and left motor.

The displacement of the close tribune:

The increasingly common requirements is to move with the tribune in close position to the space. After moving to the correct position, the stand will be locked and then extended in the standard way.

This solution is standard in our offer.

The newly developer Laser Control, which directly correct the motors of the tribune, helps relieve the cotnrol of the tribune in the correct position of the locking point.