Halti multi-purpose centre, Storslett, Norway

Halti multi-purpose centre, Storslett, Norway

Our very last order almost reached the North Pole. The order in form of the Kovostal telescopic stand which is the ideal choice for multi-purpose institutions. Thanks to its fast and simple manipulation the telescopic tribune supports the hall variability. For that reason it became the best solution right for Halti Multi-Purpose Centre. Having taken the hall measurements and having had all drawings confirmed the production of telescopic grandstand could have been opened. All the tribune and seats production is tailor-made respecting the hall dimensions as well as customer demands.

The Halti telescopic stand contains in total 139 seats, other 49 pieces are placed in the balcony and 17 stacking chairs are to be situated in case of need in front of the grandstand.

All these seats are designed in the same way. Their principal feature is represented by a high comfort assured by higher backrest as well as larger upholstery.