The Malmö concert hall, Sweden

The Malmö concert hall, Sweden

Kovostal is experiencing another success! An important project in Sweden has just been accomplished – the Concert hall in Malmö. It was right yesterday when successful handover took place and the  time for this hall could have finally come up.

Kovostal´s participation in the project started in Semptember 2013,  when we were chosen to become the seats supplier for the concert hall. We started immediately with the seat samples production until its full completion. The final model is fixed on the perforated leg which allows air supply into the hall. The seats numbering is readable and available also for visually impaired people.

The hall has a capacity of 1 607 seats placed in its main part as well as in 3 adjoin balconies. First two rows of the seats placed in the main auditorium are removable, on their place the space for the orchestra can be easily created. The seats are designed in three different colours meeting the requirements of an architect.

It won´t take long and Malmö is going to call again as the telescopic grandstand for next door hall is   in the production right now.