Hamar House of Culture, Norway

Hamar House of Culture, Norway

Hamar – an important realization of this year in the field of the telescopic tribunes.
A unique telescopic tribune in the radius shape!

Hamar House of Culture is a new house of culture in the city of Hamar. It was officially opened on 14th March 2014, containing the library, the cinema, the concert hall and others. Our telescopic tribune  has been placed right in the biggest hall of the Hamar House of Culture. And its rows bending in the radius shape ? This is what makes the tribune extraordinary. We are one of the few manufacturers of the telescopic tribunes who are able to produce this exacting element.

The hall has been equipped with the 326 seats which are part of the telescopic tribune and other 173 seats are placed on the fixed tribune situated on the balcony.

The telescopic stand in the hall has been without any doubt a good choice as it can easily transform the concert hall into a theatre stage.
Another sold out hall already this Saturday! The same reward for owner as well as for producers.