Kulturhuset Kungsängen, Sweden

Kulturhuset Kungsängen, Sweden

Here comes the Sweden again! This time our experienced assembly team is heading Kungsängen, small city near Stockholm which was going to have a new telescopic tribune made by Kovostal.

The order proceeded as usual: first of all we took the measurements of the hall following with the drawings production. After its authorization we could pass to the production. The telescopic tribune, based on the electric motor operation, is completed with the stairs LED lighting. The total seating capacity of the tribune reaches 98 seats, other 20 seats are placed on a balcony.

The seats in the tribune are made of wooden boards and completed with the upholstery and the armrests. The seat board is perforated to support the hall acoustics. The seat perforation is moreover an interesting aesthetic feature.

See for yourselves how the telescopic stand Kovostal managed to effectively equipped this hall!