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Is a universal model suitable for theatres, cinemas and other cultural venues. The SKIVE model is favourite in our realizations, for example in the followings cinemas: Dobřany, Bruntál, Nové Zámky or in the Cultural Centre Limfjord in Skive, Denmark - after all, that is where the name of the product comes from.

SKIVE model correspond with its design with the ALTACH model. The flip-up seat represents the only difference. The part of the SKIVE model is also so called LOVER seat - the special seat designated for couples, and the mobile seats that are, as needed, taken out to provide more space for the wheelchair users. The seats anchoring is adapted to the hall disposition, either fixed to the floor or fixed to the stepriser. The armrest and backrest shape or decorative embroidery design can be adapted to the customer´s requests.