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System STUTTGART is an unique system accessible only in Kovostal!

It is a special system designated for the fans sector in the stadiums. We are introducing so called system two in one, which provides sitting or standing as needed. It offers then the solution for FIFA and UEFA demand which provides all the spectators with sitting during the international matches. System STUTTGART offers in an open state the metal stadium seats, however after being closed the steel stairs are created and serve for the fans standing. The stadium can increase twice its capacity in the place where Stuttgart system is used. On the place for one sitting spectator the two standing ones occur after closing the seats into the steel stairs.

Mercedes-Benz-Arena in Stuttgart has become the very first reference project, and all the system was named after that. Kovostal supplied this Arena with more than 4 000 seats of this system. Another stadium that boasts about this kind of equipment is Allianz Arena Bayern München.

The STUTTGART system is patented and manufactured only in Kovostal.